A late bloomer in the world of winemaking, but a very enthusiastic participant in his vocation: he took charge of the estate in 1988 and guided the passage from the old generation to the new one. The great passion and motivation to improve constantly is the basis for every decision Stefano has made in order to bring the family business to the top tier of Italian winemaking. Passionate and enthusiastic when he talks about his land and his wine, he is the face behind the brand and, though sharing every decision and moment of the winemaking process from start to finish with Adriano, most of his time is spent promoting their products worldwide. His favorite phrase to define the estate is: "Vigneto Due Santi is Adriano, me, and our land".
Ten years younger than Stefano, Adriano calls this estate a second home. He was born and raised just a few steps from the door to the estate and the aroma of pressed grapes has accompanied him since he was a young boy. He came here every fall to help with the harvest, to assist in the bottling and honed his palate for wine tasting. Eclectic and curious, he loves cooking, so much so that he attended a local culinary institute and after his diploma worked in many of the best known restaurants in the area. In 1988 he joined the company estate full time, showing his expertise in the vineyards as proving fundamental in the winemaking process, with a great sensitivity for the transformation of grapes into wine. He is a full partner with Stefano in the wine estate.
From the land to wine
A serious respect for the landA
love for the landN
ot improvised, but the willingness to use what we have learned

The land was here before us and will be here after us
A continuity from what came before and what is to come
A legacy for future generations
A territory to understand and to share

The results
Harmony of what we are and what we do
Respect for the environment
The excellence and goodness of wine